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Email Etiquette Guidelines

Whether you’re emailing clients or sending messages to your best friends, it’s important to take email etiquette into account. After all, you could end up losing valuable clients or even annoy your friends if you start sending email messages that don’t communicate your message the way it should.

* Double-check your email message before you send it. Email messages can easily get misunderstood, so its important for you to read and reread your message before pressing the “send” button. You should also make sure that you’re sending your email message to the right recipients.

* Use current antivirus software. Make sure that you’re not unknowingly spreading virus to everyone on your mailing list. Once you end up spreading viruses, many people are likely to remove you off their contacts list. This includes your current clients and potential ones.

* Write a clear and concise subject line. Don’t take the subject line for granted. Your subject line is supposed to contain the gist of your email message. If your subject line doesn’t catch the attention of readers, it’s likely that they’ll just delete your email message.

* Clean up emails before forwarding them. If you have something to share but it’s been sent by so many other people before you, you might find that there are lots of information on the page that aren’t useful. Erase the email addresses of past senders and just retain the email message you want others to read. In case you have any comments regarding the email message you’re sending, place them before or after the forwarded message. Be careful not to mix the forwarded email message and your comment together because this may confuse readers.

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