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Forwarding Emails Without Revealing the Original Sender’s Address

Forwarding emails is not always a good thing. The email addresses of the original sender and early recipients of the message, after all, are revealed in all subsequent copies of the message. The good news is that you can actually forward emails without ever revealing the email addresses of the original sender and the earlier recipients of the message. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can forward emails without revealing the sender’s email address:

1. Save the original message as a .msg or a .eml file

Open the message you wish to forward from your inbox. Save it in either a .msg or a .eml file.

2. Open the saved file in a text editor

The next thing you have to do after saving the file in .msg or .eml format is to open it in a text editor. After opening the saved file in a text editor, delete all the email addresses that you wish to hide from the recipients. Save the edited message.

3. Forward the original message as an attachment

Back in your email provider, open the original message you intend to send from your inbox. Click the FORWARD button. When you forward a message, your email provider automatically generates the attachment in the new message. Delete the automatically generated attachment from the compose page to make room for your edited message.

5. Attach the edited message to the message

After removing the automatically generated attachment from the compose page, click the ATTACH FILE button on top of the page. Click the BROWSE button and locate the .msg or .eml file that you saved earlier. Enter the email address of the recipients in the TO:, CC:, or BCC: fields and click the SEND button to forward the email.

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  1. Doug says:

    Yeah but when I open the saved .eml file it is in that computer jibberish that I can’t read

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