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Gmail’s Multiple Inboxes

Recently, Google, through Gmail Labs, introduced the newest Gmail feature that promises to add efficiency to those who often open their Gmail account. This new feature is the Multiple Inboxes. At first, you may think that the feature will allow you to view various accounts in one window. The Multiple Inboxes, however, allows only the making and viewing of various panels in one Gmail account. You can just view these panels in the same window and at the same time.

Advantages of Gmail Multiple Inboxes

This new feature of Gmail has actually many advantages. For one, you can now create separate panels for your different email lists and view these multiple panels in one window. This Multiple Inboxes could greatly add efficiency if you want to filter and monitor your messages. The Multiple Inboxes  feature is also advantageous if you are receiving a lot of emails, because this could help you organize your messages. Through the Multiple Inboxes, you can now have a separate panel for the messages on your professional domain and another for the messages on your personal domain.

Drawbacks of Gmail Multiple Inboxes

Without a doubt, the new feature of Gmail has a lot of advantages. This feature also has a lot of drawbacks though. For one, this could be make your window look cluttered, especially if you create many panels. Another thing is, the multiple pane could only be useful if your monitor is wide and that the resolution is high. Otherwise, you would not see the content of the panels clearly.

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