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Say Bye-bye to Your Lycos Email Account

Lycos Mail is shutting down

After several years of providing high quality email services to its users, Lycos is finally putting an end to its Lycos Mail operations. The Lycos Team forwarded the bad news to its loyal subscribers by sending copies of the company’s official statement to their individual email addresses.

Not saving important documents

Until the cut-off date, all Lycos Mail users may still log-on to their email accounts. They may still send messages, receive emails, organize files, store documents, and manage contacts using their Lycos Mail accounts. However, the company advises all existing Lycos Mail users to start cleaning up their inboxes by backing up their important files. According to the Lycos Team, the company will close all Lycos Mail accounts on the cut-off date. The contents of all Lycos Mail accounts, therefore, will be deleted as soon as the email accounts are closed.

Not forgetting paid accounts

Like most email service providers, Lycos Mail also offers additional paid options. If you are a paid subscriber of Lycos Mail, then you should not worry about your remaining balance because the Lycos Team promises to reimburse all remaining balances. All reimbursements will be sent to the bank account that you specified during your application.

Not attracting enough users

According to the official statement issued by the Lycos Team via email, the company has decided to discontinue its Lycos Mail operations because it’s no longer profitable. In recent years, Lycos Mail suffered heavy competition against more popularly known webmail services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Lycos Mail will finally close its doors on February 15.


  1. Moe says:

    Are you sure?
    I did not get an email & i have over 5 accounts @Lycos!
    You should Re-Check

  2. Derek says:

    I also have a Lycos account and have not heard anything about is closing down???? Is this true?????????

  3. witlily says:

    yeah!, check your inbox mail…

  4. Swiss Lycos Lover says:

    Hey! Is it kidding???
    I have lycos email address since too many years. I love lycos soooooo..much as they have so much space for my documents.

    I have not heard from Lycos itself. I am araid it’s a big joke. Anyone can clarify?

  5. Swiss Lycos Lover says:

    Hello everybody!
    I was soooo…panic when I read about the news! Remember that it’s ONLY Lycos Europe.
    I have Those who have or other part of Europe have to be aware.

    Those who have You are all saved! Yesssssssssssss

  6. German Lycos User says:

    I was in and now no email, except for paid accounts. Even paid accounts in Noooooo!!!

  7. Kimmy says:

    I use lycos as my secret squirrel mail… glad to see the US still has it.

  8. Peter says:

    Is there any email account where I can redirect my incoming mails from lycos to??? I’m in big trouble. Never received a warning mail from lycos.
    This is a scandal.

  9. Ray says:

    I just tried to log in and it keeps sending me to sign-up for a paid account. I didn’t receive any notice. That means I lost everything I had there.
    THANKS LYCOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Haley says:

    this is sooo freakin stupid
    my email is gone
    and i had very important emails

  11. Tcheris says:

    I AM SO PISSED! I am in the in the U.S. and I never got an email. I Tried to log in my accounts (2) today and they both re-route me to a damn upgrade page. $20 a year to keep access. I am going to be forced to keep the damn accounts open. I have had them for 8 years. They are on my professional and entertainment resumes. I just wish that I had received notice. Just think of all the websites we use our email accounts on. I have to go back and change them all. This is crazy. I am sooooo upset.

  12. Mary says:

    I did not receive a notice either or I certainly would have gotten my email addresses off there for my family research!!! I’m furious! I hope they reconsider and open our accounts to us for awhile, seeing many were not notified.

  13. Sir F.A. Rien says:

    Poor Tcheris, that’ll teach you to use a javascript for your contact information on your webpages. ONE change and ALL pages are updated!

    Who ever told you that ANY -=FREE=- service had any responsibility to you to remain operating?

    Guess you deserve some plonk at Pomeroy’s Whine Bar. Have one on me.

  14. Amy says:

    I got right into both of my Lycos accts, NO PROBLEM!!! could this be a scam? I have no emails that speak of Lycos closing their doors. I don’t know but it is kinda fishy.

  15. F. Lycos says:

    Jul 6th 2010, couldn’t log-in, the page just says sign-up and pay per year or “contact support” and the “help/support” page won’t come up, tried many times, was down all day long, they are playing around with the email system. The company hides behind some sort of a skimpy support page. Their “help” page always says “last article update: 2007″ I really recommend don’t use their service and back-up ALL your emails ASAP. They are a bunch of anti-customer morons running that company and THEY are the ones driving it into the ground.

    1-866-971-5039 they hang up on you if you’re not a “paid” “customer”. Even if their “support/help” page is down and you can’t get to it, they hang up on you. Completely asinine.

    Quote: “the company has decided to discontinue its Lycos Mail operations because it’s no longer profitable.”

    More like it’s not “profitable” because it’s run by morons who are arrogant, anti-customer, and who won’t listen to input from anyone. It was discontinued in the UK, U.S. is next. Beware.

  16. enrico cavina says:

    July 2010

    Lycos-mail plus Zimbra : double disaster

  17. Sylvia says:

    I can’t believe they can just shut you down. I did not get any notice prior to loosing all of my e-mail accounts! I think they should give us the chance to clear up our in box and move on to another server.

  18. Joe west says:

    Oct 2010 and my lycos account is still going strong

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